Detergent Optical Brightener DMS-X , Fluorescent Brightener 71 Light Yellow Even Granular

Detergent Optical Brightener DMS-X , Fluorescent Brightener 71 Light Yellow Even Granular


1. General Information of Optical Brightening Agent DMS                                                                    


used for detergent used for texile
Appearance white or light yellow even granular
SUBSTANCE NAME disodium 4,4'-bis[(4-anilino-6-morpholino-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)amino]stilbene-2,2'-disulphonate
E11 (UV absorption) 416-446
Whitening strength 151
Color Shade standard similar
Moisture content, % ≤ 5.0
Content of water-insoluble impurities ≤ 0.5
Fineness (residual content passed through 180μm-pore sieve ) ≤ 5.0


(1) It is with strong fluorescence, excellent whitening performance and high yellowing point and have been regarded as one of the perfect agents used in detergent industry. 

(2) It has better resistence to cholride bleaching than VBL and 31#, the most favorable dyeing bath PH value is 7-10.

(3) Its sunlight resistence is 4 grade.

(4) The most advantage it used in detergent industry is its high matching capacity,high accumulated washing whitening effect.So it can meet the requirments of various matching capacity in detergent industry. Because it induces one morpholine base into its molecular,thuscan improve its properties.such as acid and perborate resistence.

(5) It can also be used in the whitening of cellulose fiber, polyamide fiber and fabrics.

(6) It show nionic characters and has optical blue color.

2. Application and procedure of Optical Brightening Agent DMS

(1) It is mainly used for the synthetic detergent such as washing powder, liquid detergent, softner, toilet sopa and perfumed soaps etc.

(2) It has excellent whitening effect on artificial fiber, polyamide, vinylon, casein fiber and amide plastic etc So It is also used for the fabric of cotton fiber, nylon, etc. 

3. Packing and Shipping

Optical Brightening agent DMS is packed per 25kg in cardboard box or drum after being packed in plastic bag first.

We have rich experiences in exporting and importing. We have good cooperation with world wide Express like DHL, UPS etc and also shipping line to ensure the samples and goods can be reach to the cutomers at soonest speed.

4. Quality Contral and R&D

We have more than 15 years of production and we also have experienced technical person to do testing and gurantee the quality during the whole production line.In past few years our team strive to develop new products which are enviromental friendly and energy

saving. We believe with our fulfillment to be the best enterprise for our customers. Under their efforts the Optical brightening agent has achieved national advanced level.

5. Production line

Shanxi Colorshine Chemical Industry Co.,ltd is an ISO-certified modernized chemical enterprise in the collection of R&D, production and sales. Our company concentrates on the production, sales and service for Optical brighteners,Dyes and Carbon Black, fine chemicals and intermediates, which are widely used in detergent,paper-making, textile, rubber industry, medical industry, paints, printing inks and etc.

Our company's headquarters is based in Linfen City, Shanxi Province. We are establishing technical cooperation with Linfen Tech University, and manufacture products according to different customers’ requirements to fulfill market’s demand.

Except professional R&D team, our factory has advanced production and testing equipments for testing, mixing and post-processing the products in order to ensure the high quality.

With profound chemistry knowledge and rich experience, our business team can offer professional technical supports according to customers’ demand.Till now our products are exported to Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa and successfully into Germany, France, the United States and other European markets.



Detergent Optical Brighteners

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